Oldies Not Goldies

Foto von Annette Mönner, ca. 1990 in Spanien

The Change

Autumn leaves ´41, the winter might be coming too soon
Heavy clouds creeping ´cross the evening sun
It´s cold light is fighting the gloom
Fluttering shadows all over the peaks, trying not to be left behind
Once there were meadows, but I got my doubts, it might be all in my mind

And I´m tired, tired of feeling down, my thoughts going round and round
No sleep’s coming down, fear is all around

I feel so cold in this desert night, the change has taken it all
Concrete tales, sky scraping towers, big to make you feel small

And I go, over streets that affect the ground
To find out no help’s to be found
It´s well worth a prayer, to blame the helpless sky

Waiting in darkness, my friend to the eyesight
But still it´s incomplete, don´t move, don´t keep the beat
Yesterday’s frozen, the road it is chosen
While everyone´s taking something new for something good

Words too small to dispel any doubts, sinking, twisted, wrung to the bone
Thrown into this chattering crowd, down the alley they’re blown

Ewig daran herumgebastelt, die Melodie und irgendein Text waren schon 1983 fertig; die Dire Straits brachten dann „On Every Street“ heraus, das war leider so ähnlich. 2019 den Text fertig geschrieben. Der Klavierpart in der Mitte stammt noch von Bruno Hofmann, ca. 1983 B.C.

Foto von Stefan Chytrek, ca. 1990 an der Lahn

The Guadrian:

"I nternationale Aufmerksamkeit erfuhren die Pretty Lies kürzlich durch einen Bericht der UNESCO zum Thema akustische Umweltverschmutzung."