Oldies Not Goldies

Reini Hellfeuer, Jochen Günther, Thomas Lambert & Heinz-Günther Lux
Foto von Pity

My Life

I knew a woman, she said I’d never live without her
She’s gone away, I packed her bags, and I did well indeed
I find her something special, get her something nice:
A bunch of lawyers if she tries to think twice
I don’t mind what she says, I tell you what I’m thinking:
My life belongs to me

Our love is like the wind: We cannot see it `cause it’s already gone
You’re just a girl standing in front of a guy who tells you he don’t care
Walk with the knowledge that you’ll never be with me
Cast a single shadow on the wall while I’m free

Das erste Lied bei den seltenen Konzerten von Layout. Der Text stammt noch in Teilen von damals, etliches ist neu.

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